Haven't I Seen You Before

by Stefan Goldmann

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Track listing:

A1: The Eyes of Jesus Christ (Left Eye)
A2: 2005
A3: Spouse
A4: Wastelands (Version A)
A5: Enclosures (Part 1)
B1: Enclosures (Part 2)
B2: Wastelands (Version B)
B3: Lover
B4: 7513
B5: The Eyes of Jesus Christ (Right Eye)

Written, performed and produced by Stefan Goldmann.
Press “REV” on your autoreverse deck at any time to enter the loop.

Illustration – grohs.

“Haven't I seen you before” is a cycle of five pieces, with two versions each, so it can be listened to as a continuous performance, as well as as looped recordings, when employing the reverse function some cassette players have. The latter can be done at any point, since the parts on the A and B sides match. All material in this album has an electric guitar (picked up/amplified and miked acoustically, simultaneously) as its only sound source. These initial recordings were cut into loops with durations ranging from a fraction of a second to over a minute. They were arranged into compositions, adding reverb, stereo panorama and volume adjustments. Layering the loops creates polymetric structures, with loop minimalism avoided by the sheer number of looped segments which appear and disappear at distinctly different rates. Micro-loops vs macro-loops is the main structural feature of the music on this cassette, playing around with a key feature of the format.


released June 1, 2010



Stefan Goldmann Berlin, Germany

"STEFAN GOLDMANN’s productions don’t sound like they’re coming from the same universe as practically everything else on the shelves."

(Resident Advisor)

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