Le Sacre Du Printemps Edit

by Igor Stravinsky / Stefan Goldmann

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    This CD features Stefan Goldmann's Edit as well as a classic live recording by Pierre Monteux.

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Stefan Goldmann delivers a groundbreaking edit of a classic: A minimalistic cut up on the edges of perception celebrates one of the most thrilling works in music - Igor Stravinsky’s 'Le Sacre Du Printemps'. Staying 100% true to the original score the edit moves through over a dozen classic recordings of the work in 146 individually treated segments. Nothing has been left out, nothing has been added. Still everything changes completely every few seconds.

Written in 1913, 'Le Sacre Du Printemps' brought forward many formal traits that have dominated avant-garde music ever since: cut-like, instant shifts of metre, tempo and dynamics, contrasting layers, historic references next to radically new techniques. While its debut performance caused riots, it has become one of the most celebrated works of music ever since. It has been performed and recorded by basically every renown conductor and orchestra in the world and is one of the most often performed orchestral works of all times.

Stefan Goldmann’s edit takes a radical approach: nothing has been left out, nothing has been added. Every few seconds the listener encounters a different performance, room and recording set up. A minimalistic journey into the depths of interpretation and concert hall acoustics, microphone positioning and mixdown decisions, and a silent celebration of an original.

For the sake of comparison, this disc also features a “classic” live recording of Sacre by Pierre Monteux.


released June 15, 2009

Written by Igor Stravinsky.
Edit and additional production by Stefan Goldmann.



Stefan Goldmann Berlin, Germany

"STEFAN GOLDMANN’s productions don’t sound like they’re coming from the same universe as practically everything else on the shelves."

(Resident Advisor)

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