The Grand Hemiola

by Stefan Goldmann

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Macro greets rhythmic expressionism: Stefan Goldmann’s THE GRAND HEMIOLA is probably the first real innovation in the vinyl format in decades. 144 locked grooves build a toolkit that breaks out of the limitation of one 4/4 cycle and brings unique possiblities to create complex polyrhythms just with two decks and a mixer.

Stefan Goldmann’s first ever double vinyl album is a take on the infinite possibilities of rhythmic layering. Percussion-heavy, focussed on clashing metres, deeply exploring the sound set – from the orchestral GRAND HEMIOLA, to the triplet-feel of MEGI'S WALTZ, from the 11/8 pattern of DOUBLE HENDECAGON to the anti-loops of AWAY FROM THE FLOCK: A non-conformist album of haunted acoustics, haptic percussion and deep rhythmic expression.

A first time invention comes on two sides of the vinyl set: THE GRAND HEMIOLA loop toolkit overcomes the time restriction of locked grooves: one record contains loops in 4/4, the other in 3/4 (employing the time differences of the rotation rates 33 and 45 rpm). In the mix, they sum up to an extended cycle of 3x 4/4 or 4x 3/4 and enable building complex “3 over 4” polyrhythms (“hemiolas”). You can mix loop into loop for hours without ever getting trapped. More than an album, this is a Note: pitch down side D to approx. -1,5 to match the loops’ bpm rate on sides B & D.


released March 28, 2011



Stefan Goldmann Berlin, Germany

"STEFAN GOLDMANN’s productions don’t sound like they’re coming from the same universe as practically everything else on the shelves."

(Resident Advisor)

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